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    21. Sep 2020
    And i thought i never got to update this game ever ever again.... There were so many bugs left, that i had to change it. It nagged on me and now it should work. Server Name was changed too, if you wanted to upload your Highscore it didnt work. Fixed this. Then we had a Soundproblem, SFX under Options didnt work as it should be. Fixed as well. Last bug i have to fix is the Music, not playing anylonger... *sighs*

    25. Aug 2011
    Bugs never ends the second.. There was a little typing trouble in the highscore table.

    29. Jul 2011
    Bugs never ends.. Fixed a little one in the "Select Level" and now it works.

    30. Mar 2011
    New Game planned, starting to work on it, lets hope it doesnt take to long :).
    Server got a stable update for the game Runner v1.77, it's now on 1.3

    13. Feb 2011
    Found a new bug and fixed it, Highscore save online changed a little so its not breaking anymore (hopefully).

    07. Dec 2010
    Lots fixed and added, here is the list:
    - Canīt crash anymore by saving the highscore online, error connection sign. Playing sound by loosing energy.
    - Added some features to the highscore.
    - Fixed a big graphic bug. Added 5 levels more. Adding/Fixing Sound. Adding more to How to play.

    29. Nov 2010
    Finding Typos still. Options changed a little.

    28. Nov 2010
    There! itīs done! Hope you like the new homepage.

    28. Nov 2010
    Finally added a Highscore! You will be able to upload the highscore you earned to this website.
    If you use a firewall, make sure it allows you to send, otherwise it will not work.
    I need a new homepage. I had enough programmed lately ^^;
    I will update it sooner or later, if i have some time left.

    23. Nov 2010
    Had to change the font in 'How to play' they werent that great. Fixed an important spell error.

    21. Nov 2010
    Another bug hunting and fixed spellings in the game.
    Added now animations and new pictures.

    17. Nov 2010
    Fixed a few things and added new graphics.

    13. Nov 2010
    Small updates has been made during the last days and i hope the game keys working now better.
    Fixed a problem after finishing the game.

    11. Nov 2010
    I finally finished the game i was working on for several weeks, itīs called Runner.
    It is my first game so i hope at least i did a good work and if you find any bugs let me know. Iīm often available in IRC. I hope you enjoy the game, you can find it under Downloads.